Hi folks

I thought it would be helpful to bring you all up to date on our ability to sail at the moment and going forward.

I asked the City to provide us with a copy of the club permit to use Humber Bay Park East. The answer is:

“At this time all groups are in possession of statements only since final Covid-19 conditions that will be associated with your bookings have not been finalized. Also, June 29th date is a tentative date of re-opening only and must be approved and confirmed by Officer of Health.

 I hope this answers your questions, a finalized permit will be emailed for your review once we have all information and confirmed re-opening date.”

Accordingly we do not have a permit yet, only the promise of one when the opening date and the Covid conditions of all the permits are finalized. The parks are open and we are using our park safely and responsibly. No permit is required by the park by-law enforcement officer we have encountered. I suggest that while we wait for the permit to issue,  we continue to act as we have been and be very careful to limit groups to a maximum of five people (as required by the province’s emergency order) , practice social distancing and help each other to do the same. Be friendly with the park by-law enforcement officers and staff. The MMM strongly recommends wearing face coverings. This will increase our safety and help establish us as responsible park users with the authorities.

We have set up a system to let you know how many people are heading to the pond before you leave home so we do not exceed five in a group. Please use the sign up sheets at Metromarine.org for events on the club calendar, and for other times coordinate attendance using the forum “Ad Hoc / Informal Sailing Availability” on the MMM web site. Stephen Penney can give you access if you are not already signed up. Email him at stephen.penney1@gmail.com. If there are already 5 people signed up for an event, we can organize an alternative in various ways, e.g., sail on the other side of the pond, use the other pond, sail in the lake off the beach, choose a different time or day, etc.  To organize a group, place a message in the forum “Ad Hoc / Informal Sailing Availability” and, until we get used to using the forums (which are new -thank you Stephen!), also send an email on this system to the group with your planned alternative, or email me to help you organize your event.

If a group forms at a regular time, we can add it to the schedule so there is a sign up sheet for it.  If you sign up for an event and change your mind you can always go back and cancel your sign up. This will free up a space for someone else.

We will find ways to work though this so everyone gets to sail safely.

I would be glad of any feedback on how to improve this system to get us sailing. Be safe!

David Allsebrook

Sail Captain


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