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Soling One Meter Class


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A semi-scale model of the one-design, triple-handed Olympic class keelboat, the Soling One Meter is a low-cost, kit based one-design class sailboat targeted toward getting new skippers and hobbyist involved in model yachting.

The boat offers enough performance flexibility to keep long-time sailors interested, yet is simple for novice sailors to grasp. All aspects related to performance are restricted to what can be achieved by building the kit straight from the manufacturer’s plans. These restrictions help to keep building costs affordable.

Soling One Meters are available from a single manufacturer, Victor Model Products, in kit form or as partially or fully assembled yachts. Soling kits are available from several Toronto area hobby stores. The hull and deck are vacuum-formed styrene plastic, the spars are wood and sails are polyester.


Length: 39.38 ” (1000mm)

Weight: 10 lbs (4.54 kg)

Sail Area: 600 in2 (3871 cm2)

Draft: 8.5” (216 mm)

Mast height: 52” (1321 mm)

Assembly of the Soling, although not a trivial task, can be accomplished with moderate skill and members’ advice and assistance. There are several excellent building guides available on the internet to help you with your Soling build. A race-ready Soling would cost about $300 to $400, depending on servos and other components used. The cost of a good quality radio transmitter would be extra.

Build Instructions

The Soling One Meter is simple to learn and easy to sail and easy to transport. It is the most popular class in the Metro Marine Club ensuring that there are always many members with tips to help you build, tune and sail you new Soling One Meter.

Here are some links to help you start out.

For boat specifications click Here: Soling One Meter Class

Additional Specifications and info may be found at the Soling Web Site.

For more information contact our Class Captain, Wayne Vierout at

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Tuning the Soling

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A Soling Race Start at Humber Bay Toronto! Video by Steve Penney.

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