MMM Fees Schedule

MMM Fees Schedule

Membership fees for the 2023 calendar year are due by year end.

The fee schedule until December 31st, 2022 is:

Adult     $40

Junior    $10

Family   $50

Fees paid after January 1st, 2023:

Adult     $45

Junior    $15

Family   $55

Please advise our treasurer if you don’t want to renew/continue your membership in the club.

Payment can be made by e-transfer, mail or in person.

1) e-transfer to, just email me the password used!

2) Mail your payment to:

Metro Marine Modellers c/o Frank Kaufman

20 Bonacres Ave.

West Hill, ON

M1C 1P7

3) See the treasurer at a Static Meeting

Should you have any questions, feel free to call Frank at 416-587-8602 or email him at

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