IOM Manta Extreme V2 with A-sail/rig

IOM Manta Extreme V2 with A-sail/rig

This 3D printed boat was designed by Andreas Hoffman and digitized by Zwerkz Concepts. The 3D files are currently being sold by Radio Sailing Shop.

The boat includes KingMax SW22H, sail winch, rudder servo, an A-Set of sails by HOTsails, mast on A rig uses HT T9 7075 aluminium tubes and wooden boat stand.

(Although the sails have my personal sail number 88, they can be removed with 99% isopropyl alcohol our use as is for recreational sailing and club races.)

You will need to add your own receiver and battery. To properly adjust the travel of the sail winch you will need a programmable transmitter that will allow to adjust the end points. This is a standard feature on most transmitters these days.

The price is $400.00

Common sense tip: Like any RC sailboats made from plastic and composites it strongly advised that you do not leave the hull/keel in a hot car with the windows closed. The extreme heat may cause the hull to deform.
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