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How to fix wobbly rudders on DF 65s and DF 95s

Tony Daicar at Leading Edge Hobbies advised me that all the new hulls that they received two months ago [Dec. 2020] all come with the new rudder post upgrade.  As a result, if you have problems with a “wobbly rudder” on your DF65 or DF95, you now have 2 options: Buy the Rudder post upgrade kit and perform the installation yourself or buy a new hull with the rudder post already installed. If you decide to order a new hull from Leading Edge Hobbies, I suggest that you remind them that you want one with the upgraded rudder post.

This is an update to the rudder post upgrade kit provided by Joysway. I ordered the rudder post upgrades from Leading Edge Hobbies for my DF65 and DF95. I followed the instructions as per the YouTube video ( ). The new fitting has a small metal tube inserted between the upper and lower fitting. This metal tube provides more a rigid infrastructure  between the upper and lower fitting and eliminates any wobble in the rudder.  I am glad that I made the upgrade but I am still not certain if it will make any difference in my sailing performance, since it is really the stuff between my ears that makes any real difference!

The cost of the fitting for the DF65 is $4.99

JOS881552 – DF65 Rudder Post Insert Fitting – TM RC Boatyard

The cost of the fitting for the DF95 is $4.99

JOS881166 – DF95 Rudder Post Insert Fitting – TM RC Boatyard

They look almost identical but they are different.

Since you will need to pay shipping, you may also want to add a couple other spare parts: e.g., some sheeting elastic, etc..

2020 DF Rudder Post Install – YouTube

The YouTube video above is a very good representation of the steps involved in removing the existing fitting. As you can see from the video the removal of the old fitting is the most difficult part. The CA Debonder will help to dissolve the CA glue that holds the old fitting on the hull but it will take some jiggling to remove it in some cases.  I had more difficult time with my DF65 compared to my DF95.

To help make it easier to install the metal tube into the new fittings, I did a trial fitting of the tube on both the top and bottom fitting. I used LePages Ultra Gel to install the fittings to the hull. I did the top deck first with the metal tube inserted followed by the bottom. After the installation of the new rudder post assembly, I used a rod through rudder post to check the alignment with the keel and in both cases it was perfect. You need to be patient and not use too much force to remove the old parts. It may be helpful to give the Debonder more time to dissolve the CA.

LePage Ultra Gel Control 4mL Super Glue | The Home Depot Canada

BSI161 – Un-Cure Cyanoacrylate Debonder 1oz By BOB SMITH INDUSTRIES @ Great Hobbies

You will need to make your own assessment of how comfortable you are with upgrading the rudder post.

Best regards to all and I am looking forward to seeing you at the pond when it gets warmer.

Victor Wong                                                       February 22 2021

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