Getting started in model yatching

The following information is courtesy of the American Model Yachting Association of Sanctioned Racing Yacht classes.

This comment is from the AMYA web site and is most appropriate when deciding on what type of R/C sailboat to get.

The first thing one must decide is: Am I going to be cruising or competing?

Next question: Which class of yacht is the best one to get?

  1. The best class of yacht to get is the one that is sailed most often at your local club.
  2. Or the one you fell in love with.
  3. Or both.

Hint: There is no wrong answer.

Members of the Metro Marine Modellers Sail Division have several different types of saiboats, some for fun sailing and others for competitive racing. Our racing schedule is limited to the Soling One Meter, Victoria and Dragon Force classes. Members may also arrange ad hoc races for other classes of sailboats from time to time.

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