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    Hi folks

    Got this email today from Mike Wyatt of the WRMYC in Ohio:

    David A


    As many of you know, (and as some have already registered for) Western Reserve Model Yacht Club is hosting a dual set of RCR’s in late September 2021.


    Most of you own and sail a Soling 1 Meter, and I am sure some also own a Micro Magic.  BOTH of these Classes are popular within the AMYA, and BOTH have a whole new lease on life:



    Micro Magics: The Class has a new manufacturer- Hacker Models of the Czech Republic.  Those who have built and sailed one say the Hacker MM is the BEST version of the design ever!!  The new boat is easier to build, lighter, and far better “executed” than even the vaunted Graupner German kits of the 2008 – 2016.  They include excellent mylar sails (“A” suit in the kit; “B” suit available), and a stronger hull, better keel bulb, etc.  AND they are priced very well: an ARTR (almost ready to race) at $ 280, and a kit at $ 244.


    The USA MM distributor is:

    Twisted Hobbys: access their website at-;  AND the Hacker MMs are even stocked at Toy N Hobby HQ, in Ohio:   775 South Broadway Ave., Geneva, OH 44041 (soon to be moving to Madison, OH)

    440-466-0696  Tuesday- Saturday.



    The Soling 1 Meter also has TWO new manufacturers, both Class-approved!  BOTH use ALL NEW TOOLING, and both versions are far easier to finish as a boat than the old Victor kits.  Neither has a kit including rig or sails at this time.


    3D RC Boats (Ohio):     Doug Rieger,  440-610- 9542 or email

    Sells an assembled “lower boat”, which includes the hull, deck, transom, all assembled with 3D-printed structural interior space frames; filled rudder w/ shaft, and assembled keel shell ready to fill w/ ballast.


    Vac-U-Boat (Georgia): Philip Pace, 1259 Humphries Rd. Conyers, GA. 30012  will sell a hull kit that has the transom installed, includes a deck and inner structural components ready to assemble, and a ballasted keel.


    The Regattas:  We are looking forward to hosting these two regattas, over ONE weekend, Friday – Sunday September 24-26.    There is (NEW!!) a Welcome Picnic, for Thursday evening, Sept 23, and Wyatt’s house.


    We are going to have these regattas, and we have loaner boats in both Classes available;  we think that MOST sailors will sail both Classes, and anticipate about 25 boats in each.


    See the NEW, combined NOR (different than the original mailed in December!) attached.  But IF you have already registered, you do not need to do it again!!


    Mike Wyatt

    Regatta Manager










    The attached NOR (and also both sets of Registration forms, and a flyer promoting the events, were attached. Let me know if you want a copy and I will send you one.

    David A

    Sail Captain



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