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    Hi folks
    I would like your thoughts on how we might proceed safely to resume sailing once the parks reopen.
    We may want a set of cones to mark out a spot for each competitor to stand. What should we call the spots?
    Does the club need a supply of hand sanitizere?

    here is a draft policy we might amend to suit our needs and then make part of the Sailing Instructions. Please post or otherwise let me have your comments.

    David A

    MMM Health and Safety Measures Summer 2020 – DRAFT
    Whether to attend It is vital that sailors who are unwell, have been exposed to someone who is or may be unwell, or who have any symptoms of contagious illness, refrain from attending MMM events and indeed remain in isolation following the recommendations for the health authorities. We will be delighted to sail with you when the cause for concern is past.
    Masks are mandatory – use a properly fitting mask so all air in and out passes through the mask and not gaps around it.
    Wash your hands frequently and do your best not to touch your face or mine.
    Handling equipment The virus SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens are transferred by touch with contaminated surfaces. Protect yourself and others. Do not touch another person or their equipment without their consent.
    Only the RD or someone acting under their direction may touch the club equipment including the scoresheets, pen and starter. Only one person may operate or ride in the mark boat.
    Spacing – Remain at least two IOM or Soling lengths from all others at all times. The Race Director may designate spaces for sailors to stand spaced apart from each other. Remain alone in your designated space from the warning signal to the time your boat has completed the race and reached the launch area and as much as possible at other times.
    Promptly obey all instructions by the Race Director to circulate competitors among designated sailing stations between races.
    Obey any markers placed by the RD including those designating launch areas, boat stand areas and otherwise.
    Information – The RD may record your presence and contact information and share it with health authorities in case it is needed for contact tracing purposes.
    Cradles and kit Place cradles at least five metres away from the launch and control areas and any walkways and at least two meters from each other.

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