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    Hello to All DF65 Skippers;

    I am pleased to confirm the location as Humber Bay Park East pond for Sunday, 2nd of August DF65 Regatta.

    The number of DF65 skippers will be limited to a maximum group of 10 skippers, so please confirm you want to race by emailing me directly. Please also register on the MMM Events Sign up page.

    Social distancing will be exercised and please come with a face covering/mask.

    The skippers will be entered into this regatta on a first come basis.

    This Regatta will consist of four (4) series of six (6) races totalling 24 races.

    There will be some Race Rule forgiveness because of our static positioning during the races.

    The static position will change at the end of each race.

    More details will be announced by the Race Director during the pre-race meeting.

    There will be a ten (10) minute break between the first and second series.

    On completion of the second series, there will be a thirty (30) minute break for washroom breaks, sail tuning and snacks and refreshments. (Please bring your own snacks and refreshments.)

    After this 30 minute break, series three (3) and four (4) will be raced.

    At the end of the four (4) series, the First, Second and Third placed skippers will be announced.

    Please turn out early to assist with the course set up which will happen no later than 9:00 am.

    The Race Director’s meeting will be at 9:30 am.

    The first race will start at 9:45 am.

    Fair sailing to all.

    David Tweedale.

    DF65 Fleet Captain

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