Colenbrander Cup Notes

Colenbrander Cup Notes


Congratulations to Julian Whittaker, winner of the 2021 Colenbrander Cup for Soling One Metres.

We had a great day of sailing with a steady and consistent wind. It was hot but the breeze along the dock helped cool us down a bit.

Thanks to the participants who got up early to drive to Mississauga to compete. It takes a group to make it a success. And thanks to David Allsebrook and David Tweedale who manned the mark boat and set our course in the morning and David A for picking up the marks and returning everything to the lockup at the end of day.

It’s interesting to note that a straw poll revealed that all participants had 2 shots of the Covid vaccine. (yachtsmen are smart people)

It seems to work well to hold an all day regatta so let’s plan another Soling event this fall.

Here are some comments from the participants:

Salty Dog (Bruce): “Fabulous day. It was really a treat seeing all the Solings on the water, not to mention all the sailors who seemed to have survived the year off. A good time was had by all.”

Michael Steele: “So much fun today ! Thanks to the two David’s and Stephen for making it the event it was. It was nice to see people again and feel a bit of the old days. Congrats to Julian who was on point from the word go today !  The Solings like a bit of breeze ……. Hands  up who wants to do a fall race …….. maybe October ?” 

David Allsebrook: “Congratulations to all the competitors and to the winners. I was expecting to see much rustier skills. Thanks Michael getting the Cup engraved to honour Julian, who earned it most convincingly.

Here are some pictures;

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