Canterbury Lodge show

On Saturday, March 31, 2018 from 10 am to 4 pm, the Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto were invited to the Canterbury Place Retirement Residence to put on a model boat display. There were 12 members from all 3 divisions attending with 33 boats to display. This year, we were moved to the Bistro, where there was more space for extra tables and for the members to display the extra boats. The residents were amazed at the quality of the boats and the great detail on them. There was a steady flow of seniors looking at our boats and we are quite sure we brighten up their day.

There was one particular display brought along by one of the Modellers that depicted the Ned Hanlan tug on a flatbed trailer being transported by an RC Peterbilt tractor. This was probably how the real Ned Hanlan was moved from its former location at the Marine Museum. The RC Ned Hanlan was scratched built by a Canterbury resident – Norm Perkins. He was very pleased to see his boat once again.

The residents were very gracious. They offered the members free refreshments throughout the day. The manager was also so pleased with our display and invited our Club back for another show next year. We hope to attend again with even more members and boats in 2019.

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