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Sailing and Building Tips

Sailing Tips

Static Building Tips

Planking a hull.

This video covers installing the wale strake, transom frame and preparing the bulkheads for planking. This is a video log of my construction process using the College of Model Ship Building practicum by I am a novice/beginner model ship builder. I wanted to document the process of construction on my first real wooden model ship.

Model Ship Building Secrets

Secrets of a World Class Model Ship Builder Revealed for the 1st Time ever!

Making rope for ship model rigging.

This document describes the physics of making rope, how rope and cables are protected from abrasion and the elements as well as machines used to make rope for your model.

Rigging Period Ship Models

This document provides basic information about rigging on period ships. It is intended to simply this complex area and provide the model builder with a starting point.

Silver soldering

Silver soldering techniques and materials are described here.

Researching your model

This presentation discusses the need for research prior to building a model and where you can go to do that research.

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