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Blake Moran the builder of the Mini12 from Belleville Ontario area visited the Metro Marine Modelers on Sept 11 to demonstrate the Mini12.
Four (4) MMM very active sailing skippers purchased complete Mini12 boats from Blake. These purchasing skippers are folks you see at weekly regattas regularly, so its clear with 4 boats there is enough critical mass/count of Mini12 boats for some racing here now.
The Mini12 is very affordable; a complete built Mini 12 with “A” Rig (minus radio and battery) costs a little more than the price of a new DF95 kit. Hulls and builders kit are also available.
It is surprising that 4 boats have been purchased already but the excellent quality/workmanship, relaxing nature in which I found the boat sails, weedless feature and very reasonable cost (complete built boat and “A” rig for a little more than the price of a DF95) for me; were too hard to say no to.
The “Canadian” Mini12 is considered the same boat as the “USA” US12 and these two models race in the same class in the USA. The Mini12 is a beautiful full keel, spoon bow yacht of the America’s Cup 12 meter design. A classic model yacht design. Because of the full keel and integrated rudder she is weedless and sails through very heavy weed patches without weeds becoming attached. The boat has an “A” rig and a “B” rig. The “A” rig is 714 sq. inches of sail area, and the “B” rig is 600 sq. inches. The Mini12 “B” rig is the standard Soling rig. She is a great sailing yacht, very smooth and relaxing to sail and carries good momentum into tacks, while rounding marks and in pinch situations. The boat is 45 inches in length, 9″ in beam and weights 16 pounds. Although not small by DF65 comparison there is no problem transporting the Mini12 in a Honda Civic.
The Mini12 class rules and specifications are written to support a one design class, however not what one would call a “strict” one design and flexibility is allowed in certain areas for example: in sail material (eg; Mylar, Dacron or nylon), sail construction (eg; single panel or multi paneled – A rig ), mast and boom materials (eg; wood or aluminum), deck layouts and fittings (eg; home made or builder made) and internal electronics components (eg: drum or arm winch), etc.
 MMM Mini12 skippers:
John McKinney
David Tweedale
Victor Wong
Wayne Vierhout
With sailing venues becoming weedier it is thought the Mini12 class will continue growing.
The following Canadian clubs sail the Mini12:
Belleville – Quinte Model Yacht Club
Ottawa – Ottawa Area Model Yacht Club
Greely – Greely Model Sailors
Montreal – Marine Modellers Montreal
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