11. Rule 15 Scenario 1 Keeping clear

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Yellow and blue are racing upwind towards a mark they must round on the same side. Blue perceives that the starboard tack would take it to the mark more quickly than the port tack.


Rules 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17

At the start of the scenario, does right of way depend on whether there is an overlap? Which boat has right of way?

See Rules 11 and 12, definition of Overlap.

At position 3, was the blue boat entitled to bear up towards the yellow boat?

See Rule 17, definitions of “proper course”, “room”, and “keep clear”.

Was an overlap acquired from a position with blue clear astern or with blue subject to Rule 13, and which boat is to windward? What is blue’s proper course?

Did blue keep clear as of position three?

After the blue boat passed head to wind, was blue required to give yellow room to keep clear? Did it do so?

See Rules 10, 13 and 16, definitions of “tack”, “room” and “keep clear”.

Did blue reach a close-hauled course?

See rule 13.

If blue reached a reach a close-hauled course, did it have right-of-way? Did it then need to give yellow room to keep clear? Did it do so?

See rules 16 and 17.

When, if at all, did yellow’s obligation to keep clear under Rule 14 arise?

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