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Regatta Report— RG 65 Class Dragon Force Thanksgiving Monday Blowout

From CRYA newsletter Fall 2014

Dragon Force 15The diminutive little Dragon Force RG 65 picked up steam rapidly in 2014 with over 18 Metro Marine Modellers buying and registering their boats with the CRYA. This boat is hard to hate as it has been designed from the word go as a proper RC racing yacht with nice balance and a strict set of one design rules that allow for little to no modification from the kit offering.

The Dragon Force also represents a double win – first for the sailor, who gets a well sorted boat out of the box that can be on the start line in hours rather than weeks or months. Second for the local sailing clubs, who are in constant need of new victims to joins in the ranks of organized racing. For many current new comers, racing and tuning are the favoured activities and long build times can often compete unsuccessfully with home and work life.

Racing for the Monday was scheduled from 11 to 3 PM to allow those celebrating with family to get home for some turkey time. A drop of the sailors worst score was allowed every 6 races with a goal to complete 12 races for the day. Weather was cold and grey but the wind filled in nicely and 10 sailors began the fun of not only figuring out the course but also how to tune these boats. It was a pleasant discovery that boats sporting aftermarket white sails may have provided a nicer appearance over the stock units, but not a performance advantage.

The course was very long with a gate at the windward end followed by a very prominent and frustrating feature – a swirl of uncertain wind just before the finish line. More races seemed to be won and lost at this stage of the game. Those who smugly rounded in first place with a smile, headed for the finish line only to wind up in a tacking dual with themselves while other competitors only a few feet away simply sailed on by in their own personal wind shift ! The finish seemed to be equal parts challenge and frustration.

The Dragon Force is a fun boat is easy and fun to tune with a unique mast step that allows for easy adjustment of mast rake for and aft. All sail adjustments use silicon tubing and are easy to tweak pond side without the use of any tools.

For many Metro Marine Modellers who race Victoria’s or Solings, this was a different kettle of fish that required not nearly as much twist in the sail settings to balance the boat. Early races showed that some of the newer sailors seemed to adopt to this boat quicker than those experienced sailors who may have been working with some pre-conceived notions with rig tuning.

With racing underway, Bob Allan wasted no time in putting a stamp on this regatta never finishing lower than 4th which was taken as a drop. Fighting over the remaining podium positions were Michael Steele, Glen Barrett, and rookie sensation Brent Adams who has been enjoying an excellent 2014.

Dragon Force Score

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