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Regatta Report: 2014 Soling One Meter Canadian National Regatta

From CRYA newsletter Summer 2014

Twenty-six skippers from across Canada and the United States gathered in Mississauga on June 21 and 22 for the 2014 Soling One Meter Canadian National Championship Regatta.

The event, which was hosted by the Metro Marine Modellers (MMM) of Toronto, was held at the Douglas Kennedy Park on Lakefront Promenade rather than an MMM’s home pond at Humber Bay which was inundated with weeds and algae this year. The 2014 Regatta was dedicated to the memory of Peter Levette, of Burlington, a long-time MMM member and great sailor who had passed away earlier in June.

About half of the contestants were from Ontario, while others came from as far away as Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Florida.  “We are delighted to have wide field of experienced sailors at this year’s Regatta,” said Race Director Steve Penney prior to the event. “We expect to see two excellent days of very competitive sailing in clear, weed-free waters and good wind conditions”.

Following registration and weigh-in on Friday night at Humber Bay, racing began at 10 a.m. on Saturday after an hour of set-up and practice runs by competitors in warm, sunny weather. A steady easterly breeze required the course to be set at an acute angle, rather parallel, to the headland where the sailors stood – not an ideal situation. A good crowd of competitors’ wives and families, MMM members and park visitors watched the highly- competitive racing throughout the day.

Several competitors and MMM members were joined by their wives for dinner at the Galway Arms pub in Etobicoke, the MMM sailors’ regular post-sailing port of call. Others spent the evening visiting friends and family in the Toronto area.

When a steady south-east wind greeted the sailors on the sunny Sunday morning, the course was reset at an even greater angle from the headland. This put the windward mark at quite a distance offshore, presenting a perception challenge to both the sailors and the mark judges. It also created some “bumpy” situations at the mark amid shouts of “Starboard” and a few, less nautical phrases. The course was located in the busy Mississauga public marina basin so competitors also had to watch for much larger vessels heading to the marina’s gas dock.

When the day’s racing ended at 2:30 it was pretty clear that the sailors from Atlantic Canada had come to defend their region’s maritime traditions. Taking first place with 31 points was Jim Goddard, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, who has won the Canadian National Soling Regatta for the past five years consecutively. Bob Boutilier, from neighboring Bedford, NS, claimed second place with a score of 41. Fellow maritimer Warren Toby, of Halifax, claimed fourth place with 54 points. Host province Ontario’s honor was defended by Tim Peat, of Bobcaygeon, who took third place with 47 points and Bill Croft, of Ottawa, placing fifth with 62 points. Martin Gray, who had come all the way from Jacksonville Beach, Florida was the leading US sailor, taking eighth place with 72 points. The awards were presented by Rick Levick, MMM’s Sail Captain.

Tim Peat was also the lucky winner of a raffle among the competitors for a Soling model kit, donated by Victor Model Products and provided by Leading Edge Hobbies in Kingston, ON.

Race Director Steve Penney wrapped up the awards by thanking all of the competitors, Regatta chairman David Allsebrook, official scorekeepers Don Burton and Paul Charles and MMM volunteers for making this year’s National Regatta a great success.

Official Results of the 2014 Soling One Meter Canadian National Regatta
Place Name Sail No. Hometown Pts.
1 Jim Goddard 544 Dartmouth, NS 31.0
2 Bob Boutilier 109 Bedford, NS 41.0
3 Tim Peat 916 Bobcaygeon, ON 47.0
4 Warren Tobey 887 Halifax, NS 54.0
5 Bill Croft 64 Kanata, ON 62.0
6 Paul Switzer 569 Kingston, ON 65.0
7 Michael Kennedy 110 Halifax, NS 71.0
8 Martin Gray 83 Jacksonville Beach, FL 72.0
9 Ron Lange 836 Huntington, NY 82.0
10 John Lowther 33 Kingston, ON 86.0
11 Frank Vella 21 Ortonville, MI 130.0
12 Jim Linville 90 Hull, MA 131.0
13 John McKinney 173 Woodstock, ON 144.0
14 Herb Dreher 734 Natick, MA 159.0
15 Vern Cantlon 488 Burlington, ON 165.0
16 Gary Bugden 213 Bedford, NS 171.0
17 Dieter Vollbrecht 76 Pickering, ON 177.0
18 David Bennett 179 Woodstock, ON 181.0
19 Mike Vanover 24 Fort Gratiot, MI 206.0
20 Ashley Marshall 172 Dundas, ON 207.0
21 Michael Steele 140 Toronto, ON 207.0
22 Doug Hemingway 360 Middleport, MY 222.0
23 John Clay 47 Brighton, ON 227.0
24 Victor Wong 808 Toronto, ON 238.0


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