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One Vic Sailor’s Story

From CRYA newsletter Fall 2014

Harry Feaver
Harry with his Victoria

Radio sailboat racing is not something that comes as an immediate skill. There are great sailors and folks who are good at operating anything controlled by a radio, but racing these boats to win requires a unique set of skills. From building a solid and tunable boat, understanding tactics, and getting on the water for some good ole fashioned stick time, there are many things to master. It is little wonder that when a sailor “gets it”, they not only find themselves at the sharp end of the fleet, but also the recipient of much respect from the other sailors.

For this event, Harry Feaver clearly “got it”. I had the chance to sit down with Harry and ask him how he got his start in R/C Sailing.

Harry: “I first went to Spencer Smith Pond in Burlington in 2011 after my aunt told me about the model boats that the guys run in the pool. Well, watching the boats speed around, there was one sailboat , using every inch of the pond. In June of 2012, I looked on Kijiji and found an old Victoria sailboat and Traxxas Villian ($95.00 for the pair ). Knowing nothing about boats, and thinking a sailboat would make a good winter project, I bought them. I got the Victoria on the Tuesday and met Paul Charles (of the Confederation Marine Modellers) on the Thursday of the same week. Paul invited me to join the Fifty Point Sailing Group for insight on building my Victoria and to join in the racing. I ended up rebuilding the Vic over the next two weeks and I was hooked. I was told about the Okanagan group’s website and rebuilt my Vic to their specifications. For the first year and half all I had was the stock rig, but over time and swap meets I picked up a carbon rig, some other bits and Shaun Berrington helped me out with some better quality sails. I have been enjoying the challenge of racing ever since. For this event, my goal is to do better than last year when I finished in sixth place.”

(Harry placed fifth this year).


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