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John McKinney – CRYA Skipper Profile

John McKinneryBy Michael Steele

From CRYA Newsletter Winter 2014

This month we profile the new Victoria Class Secretary, John Mckinney from Woodstock, Ontario. John has been extremely active in the model yachting community over the last four years, racing in 5 different classes on both sides of the border. He has recently become the Victoria Class Secretary. CRYA takes some time to find out more about John and the future of the Victoria Class in 2014.

CRYA – Tell us about your interest in Sailing.

JOHN: I learned to sail at 12 while at a summer camp and I introduced my father to sailing upon my return (I was sent to camp as my little Brother was expected. My Brother was born on my birthday while I was at camp). I raced Albacores with my father through my teen years. I stopped sailing when attending University, but in my early 30’s, I returned to recreational sailing with the Oxford Sailing Club, in Woodstock Ontario. I was the club Commodore 3 times and enjoyed the community amongst the sailing crowd.

CRYA : What was your introduction to R/C Sailing?

I first built two Victor Soling’s over twenty years ago to sail with my father when MS prevented him from sailing “big” boats. After a couple of years, my father passed and the boats sat in the garage unused. Two years before retirement, I recalled how much I enjoyed the competitiveness of sailboat racing and thought that RC sailboat racing would be something I could enjoy and afford after retirement. This started my involvement in competing in regatta’s with Metro Marine Modellers and the Woodstock Model Sailing Club.

CRYA: What do you enjoy most about R/C Sailing?

JOHN: I enjoy the strategy and tactics necessary to be competitive. The people that are involved in the RC sailing community are friendly and mutually supportive. Traveling to different venues is great fun. Surprisingly, I have found the boat building process just as enjoyable, especially during a winter like this one.

CRYA : What motivated you to take on the Victoria Class Secretary Position?

JOHN: Out of the five classes I sail, the Victorias have been the most fun. When the previous Class Secretary wanted to spend more time on other CRYA areas, I agreed to be the Class Secretary. In the last two years, a real synergy has developed around the Victoria class with some excellent sailing happening both on weeknights and weekend regattas.

CRYA: Tell us about the future of the Victoria class.

JOHN: The Victoria class, in Canada, needs to have more organization and structure. More events and promotion are needed to build the class here in Canada. I would like to see a more complete data base of owners with details of their location and if, possible the club they sail with. It is difficult to have more events and promotional activity when all I have is a list of names and sail numbers. Everyone who has a Victoria is asked to send me a personal email with information about their Victoria and club activities and contact information. In Ontario, we have held a regular Regional Championship. The next one is scheduled for August 24th, 2014. Details are included in this publication. For the other regions, please let me know when you will be holding Championship Regattas we are looking forward once again to having a National Championship.

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