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DF 65 V3 with radio -$160


  • DF65 V3 with bright fluorescent yellow graphic on hull to help distinguish this boat from others on the water.
  • Sails: A suit of Sails made by George Pollowy
  • Rudder Servo: Upgraded with a Digital Metal Gear Hitech micro servo: HS 5055MG

  • Tx and Rx: New Joysway 4 channel Transmitter and Receiver with dual rate capabilities to allow end-point travel on the sail control and to change the sensitivity of the rudder control
  • Boat stand with custom keel bulb support to reduce stress on the hull when the boat is stored on the stand
  • A custom built clear hatch cover to facilitate access to the main battery compartment that can be easily sealed with inexpensive hockey tape. This eliminates the need for the using the patches supplied with the kit that can be used only a few times and is difficult to source. The clear window on the hatch cover allows you to view the operation of both the sail and rudder servo. This hatch is constructed with a balsa wood frame with a clear thin plastic cover.








  • Assembly manual for the DF65 kit and operational manual for the Joysway transmitter and receiver.
  • Set of 4 Allen keys.

Ready to Sail: Simply add 4 AA batteries to transmitter and receiver.


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