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US One Meter – $350

This US One Meter is made of Kevlar and exceptionally light weight. The owner started a re-fit but has since moved on to other projects. The boat comes CRYA registered and had a very successful race history in both Canada and the US. Two rigs are included along with a two A suits and a […]

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Sail Gauge for Dragon Force 65

Hello to all DF Skippers; I have developed a small 3D printed device which I have named “SailGauge©”. This small device will allow new and experienced skippers to set their DF sails and rigs accurately in a matter of a few seconds. User instructions will be provided. For RC Sail/Race Clubs; please tell you club […]

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Catsails DF 65 Deluxe Rig Bag – $80

Made in the UK bay; imported for you by the MMM Boatyard This deluxe rig bag for DF65’s is zipped along both leech and foot of bag to enable easy access to rigs. Internal dividers of two panels joined together on each internal side of the bag to enable storage of all four rigs. Double […]

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